Pandemic does not stop active presence in multiple events

Angola innovation summit Celebra sucesso
Outubro 22, 2020
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Junho 17, 2021

At a time when thousands of physical events were cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic, Asseco PST has remained active on several digital platforms by participating in various forums focused on innovation, competitiveness, and technological disruption in the financial sector.

Online or hybrid (face-to-face and digital) events have been the best possible answer in times of pandemic, with technology playing a crucial role in this process. What used to be face-to-face events are now digital experiences that keep us 100% connected to the corporate environment that surrounds us.

In the last few months, we have organised three webinars: the first on 'Cybersecurity in a Governance, Risk & Compliance context'; the second on 'Digital, the new banking normal'; and the third on 'Markets Portal, the new platform for Market Rooms'. All these virtual meetings were accessible, and viewed, in the various Portuguese-speaking regions where we operate.

For 26 November, we have planned one more of our own events, this time with the contribution of IBM, called 'Digital Banking, the Challenge of Mobile Security with IBM MaaS360'. Our goal is to share some of the possible approaches to face up to these challenges that digitalisation poses to banks, in critical areas such as automation - supported by processes and data - and security.

Additionally, we have participated - and will continue to do so until the end of the year - in several major events, in Portugal, Angola, and Mozambique. This is the case of the 'Sustainable Finance Forum', a conference in a hybrid format promoted in Portugal by PSO- Knowledge & Communication; or the 'Angola Innovation Summit' and the 'New Management Paradigm in the Age of Digital Disruption Forum', dedicated to multi-sectoral digital transformation in Angola and its implications at the security level, including the new banking business model.


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